We are blessed to have board members who volunteer their time and talent to further the mission of North Kent Connect.


Community Development Specialist for Mercantile Bank

“We often see the world as an ocean of needs, so vast and insurmountable. How do we even begin to make a change when we are just one person? How does our one drop of good make a difference? I’m a firm believer that an ocean is made up of drops. We are each that drop of water, that together we can turn the tide.”


Senior Pastor, Blythefield Christian Reformed Church

“My experience with North Kent Connect, although brief to this date, has been one that has drawn my respect, appreciation, and interest. My church’s longtime relationship with them as well has caused me to want to know more about it and its operations. When asked to consider this position, I humbly admitted that I had more questions than answers, more curiosity than knowledge. At the end of the day, however, the little I have seen has given me the desire to learn, the desire to serve, the desire to be a part of how God is using NKC in this community.”


Chairperson, Sparta Area Migrant Resource Council

“Even though I am busy and serve on other boards, I felt that the work that North Kent Connect was doing was so important to be a part of. I am of migrant descent and was raised with the value, ‘Everyone deserves respect. Love your neighbor as yourself.’ I look forward to this opportunity to serve people in need in northern Kent County.”

For a complete list of our current board members, click the link below.