The Family Promise Day Center

At North Kent Connect

Family Promise IHN North Kent (Interfaith Hospitality Network)

An exciting collaboration between Family Promise of Grand Rapids and North Kent Connect! The mission of Family Promise of Grand Rapids is to end homelessness, one family at a time.

How Does This Work?

Family Promise engages churches and community organizations to provide basic needs to homeless families and children seeking permanent housing. Family Promise facilitates a temporary place to stay through its network of local churches. North Kent Connect refers families (up to five families per week/14 people max) to Family Promise so they have a safe place to stay while they are looking for a place to call home. Please note that we are NOT a shelter.

What Do the Churches Do?

Host congregations provide a private room within their churches for families to stay each night. Volunteers from support and host congregations provide meals and evening activities for the children. This builds both relationships and a sense of community.

What Happens During the Day?

In the morning, the families go to the Family Promise Day Center at North Kent Connect where they can do life: go to work, shower, do laundry, prepare lunch, look for employment, search for housing, and work with a Family Promise case manager.

Does IHN Work?

Family Promise of Grand Rapids reports that 90% of the families it serves find a new home, and 85% are still housed two years later. It works because families facing a housing crisis are kept together (e.g. fathers and sons are not separated from mothers and daughters) and receive continuous support and mentors to help them achieve sustainable self-sufficiency.

For more information, or to inquire about becoming a host church, contact Kelsy Vining at Family Promise at (616) 475-5220, or visit