On being a Christian organization

As an organization founded by pastors, Christian faith and values have always been a driving force in the mission of North Kent Connect.

We often receive questions about how these values influence our work to improve the lives of all people in Northern Kent County. Here are a few ways we express our identity as a Christian organization.

We seek to love all people, regardless of background or circumstances.

Throughout Jesus’ ministry, He crossed cultural and religious barriers to demonstrate his love for people. At North Kent Connect, our goal is to improve the lives of ALL people in our service area, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, economic status, or faith commitment. We never want faith (or lack thereof) to be a barrier that keeps us from serving and empowering our community.

We people where they are, yet aren’t content to leave them there.

People who encountered Jesus often had their lives profoundly changed. Jesus was unafraid to engage difficult circumstances and empower people to embrace a renewed life. Our programs are focused on helping clients to set and achieve goals to improve their quality of life and reach economic independence.

We help to connect people to loving community.

Many of our clients have told us that North Kent Connect is a great source of community for them. We also recognize that for many people, particularly when it comes to addressing their spiritual needs, North Kent Connect is not a substitute for involvement in a local church. Through our Church Ambassadors program, we maintain partnerships with area churches who are committed to opening their doors to welcome those clients who are looking for a place to worship and grow in their faith.

We exist as a resource for local churches.

In the early church, when the work of caring for those in need grew beyond the capacity of the leaders of the church, they appointed new people to meet these needs. At North Kent Connect, we serve local churches by offering comprehensive services with expertise and excellence that many churches aren’t equipped to provide. Churches often refer clients to us, seek our insights on how to address complex care situations, and send us volunteers who are passionate about caring for those in need. One pastor told us that partnering with North Kent Connect is as valuable as having another full-time staff person and allows them to invest more of their resources in other areas of their church’s mission.

Approved by the North Kent Connect Board of Directors 5/17/2018

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