Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2015, the NKC Board of Directors approved an ambitious three-year Strategic Plan.  NKC is taking a hard look at our current programs and assessing whether we’re helping or preventing people from moving forward. We’re expanding our successful Thrive Program, which empowers women to achieve their educational goals and reach a livable wage income.  We’re investigating ways for our clients to invest in themselves, give back to the community, and maintain their dignity. We want people to take control of their lives. A hand up is better in the long run than a hand out!


We are proud to be partnered with Ana Ramirez-Saenz at La Fuente Consulting as we work through our strategic plan.

La Fuente provides consulting expertise and trusted advice to organizations working in the global economy. Its clients understand that diversity, inclusion, and cultural intelligence are no longer a choice, they are competitive necessities. Deliberate strategies tied to corporate performance objectives will deliver business results. It collaborates as a true strategic partner.

La Fuente Consulting is helping us reach our goals and meet the needs of our community. It can do the same for you! Visit its website for more information.