Bonnie Tovey, a member of North Kent Presbyterian Church, recalls her former pastor and his wife, Sharon.

“Pastor Kurt was very sincere and a wonderful leader. He ran the Sunday School class for adults and it was excellent. Pastor Kurt made the bible easy to understand through his way of presenting – it was honest, open, and down-to-earth. You knew he cared about you just by the way he talked with you. Pastor Kurt didn’t hesitate to reach out and he really cared about people. His wife, Sharon, a talented interior decorator, was a good lady. Still is. She was always by her husband’s side and very well-liked by our congregation.

Our church gave a lot to ‘the Center’: food, clothing, school supplies, and monetary donations. We had something about the Center every week in our bulletin. Because I was the assistant to director Tom Pearce, I kept Pastor Kurt informed and up-to-date about the needs at the Center so it remained at the forefront and part of our church budget.”

Bonnie Tovey
Staff member at Rockford Community Service Center for 14 years