Jim Scales, Board Member 2001-2007
Cheryl Scales, Board Member since 2019 and Current President

Both Cheryl and Jim have a heart for people. Their whole outlook in life is how they can help and serve the people around us. Neither one is ever about themselves.

“I was in structural engineering and Cheryl was in civil, two different but companion fields. I’ve known Cheryl for years. I knew she’d be great for our Building and Grounds Committee. Since her background is site design and planning, she was especially helpful when we were studying utilities and the waterline and reviewing the site plans for our new build.”

~ Larry Hulst
Owner, LH Consulting
Former NKC board member and chairperson of the Building and Grounds Committee

“Jim has a reserved personality when you first meet him. Then he quickly impresses you with the depth of his intellect and his sincerity. Jim always wants to do the right thing and a good job with anyone he’s working with. He was as longtime member of the Planning Commission, which is easily the most time-consuming job in Rockford. He chaired it very well and avoided controversy because he’s so talented at hearing what others have to say and people know they are treated fairly. He is very committed to North Kent Connect. We didn’t serve on the board at the same time, but whenever the needs of North Kent came up at our law firm, Jim always supported the organization. He was quick to say yes.”

~ Neil Blakeslee
Law partner with Jim Scales from 2000-2010
Former board member, North Kent Community Services