“I’ve had the privilege of working with Pastor Ben Taylor on the NKC Board of Directors for the past six years. Ben is informative, inquisitive, and frames things in a realistic perspective for all of us. He offers a fresh outlook on the challenging opportunities presented to us, which is extremely enlightening and beneficial. Ben has great enthusiasm for our annual fundraiser and dives in feet first helping our program team. Ben’s role as clergy allows us to stay anchored as a faith-based organization and he is a guiding light for NKC. He is pastoral and compassionate and ensures that we represent the community that we serve.”

~ Michael Bohnsack
NKC board member since 2017
President, Bohnsack & Associates

Since our founding by the Rockford Area Ministerial Association in 1973, we’ve always had two clergy representatives on our Board of Directors. Many board members represent various faith denominations including Baptist, Catholic, Christian Reformed, Methodist, Lutheran, and non-denominational. We open our meetings in prayer. Christian faith and values have always been a driving force in our mission, but we are not an evangelizing organization. We seek to love all people, regardless of background or circumstances; we help to connect people to loving community; and we exist as a resource for local churches. Pastor Ben said it best: “We love people where they are, but aren’t content to leave them there.”