Farm Stand

Fresh produce from area farms and growers

The Farm Stand is now open!

Our year-round Farm Stand is filled with locally-sourced fruits and vegetables, dairy, eggs, and cottage products from local farms throughout Michigan. Open to all, we offer two price options to ensure that everyone can afford fresh food. Payment options such as SNAP benefits and Double Up Food Bucks are available.

Join us in supporting our families and local farms. Everyone who shops at the Farm Stand is furthering our efforts to build community, local economy, and access to local food.

We accept Cash, Credit, and Bridge Cards.

How It Works (“Green Dot” vs. “Yellow Dot” Pricing)

When you shop from our Farm Stand, you pay for fresh farm produce based on your ability to pay.

Dot Pricing Q&A

Q. I thought the food on the Farm Stand was for NKC Clients?
A. The food on the Farm Stand is for EVERYONE! That’s why we offer two price points. You choose the one that fits your budget.
Q. Do I have to provide proof of income when I shop the Yellow Dot (discounted) price?
A. No proof is needed. You need only answer the cashier when asked which price point you’d like to pay.
Q. Who should pay the Green Dot (retail) price?
A. We rely on the green dot (retail) price to stock the Farm Stand with fresh, local produce. Anyone paying the retail price is helping others in the community to afford fresh food. We thank you for keeping the Farm Stand stocked!
Q. If I purchase at the Green Dot (retail) price, will there still be enough food for people who need the discounted produce?
A. Absolutely! Your purchase at the retail price makes it possible for us to keep the Farm Stand stocked, so we will make sure there is enough food for everyone.
If you ever have questions about the Farm Stand, please see one of our staff members, or contact our Food Programs Manager, Beverly Bouma, at, or (616) 866-3478 ext 342.
Thank you for ensuring that everyone in our community has access to fresh, healthy food!

Recipes from the Farm Stand

You can find everything you need to make this tasty apple pie recipe right on our Farm Stand.


Farm Partners

We are grateful for the area farm partners both locally and throughout West Michigan that help to stock our Farm Stand:

Please contact Bev Bouma, Food Programs Manager, for more information.


Funded in part by the United Way